Serenity Diagram

Linda and I were at a weekend “how to maintain your boat” seminar a few weeks ago, given by a local marine surveyor/rigger.

One of the best practices he recommended was to create a diagram of your boat showing all of the thruhulls and seacocks.  It’s a good aid to remember where everything is (the systems and seacocks are often behind bulkheads or in the bilges).  I had my ipad with me (taking notes) and was able to quickly bring up this diagram.  Of course, mine was a little over the top compared to what he was recommending.  Anything worth doing is worth doing to an extreme.

I made it when we first got the boat, mainly as a way of learning the boat and getting organized.  And although I now know where everything is located, the crew often does not.  We keep a laminated version on board as well.

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