Weekend in California

Had a quick change of plans and decided to fly back to California for the weekend.

My daughter Quinn was transporting a cockatiel, which had belonged to her Aunt Donna, back to Thousand Oaks. I decided to go along for moral support and animal control, and because it will give me a chance to check in on the boat, clean the bottom, and generally make sure things are ship-shape. Then on Tuesday, I fly back to Philadelphia where I left the bike with Richard and Teresa. The plan is to head out early Wednesday morning for Texas, which will take two or three days, depending on weather and how my butt holds up.

I’m horribly behind on posting pictures and updates, but hope to catch up in the coming weeks. So far, the trip has gone great and it’s been wonderful to get to spend time with friends and family.

Mohawk, in his new home.

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