Family No Longer With Us

As part of the trip, I’ve been stopping in cemeteries where I have family.

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

My father was cremated, with part of his ashes being buried in Reno, NV and the others interred at Arlington.

Section 54, marker 5318.  In the picture, third row, fourth from the left.

IOOF Cemetery, Tonkawa, OK

My maternal grandfather.  My mother, Harlena (“Nina”) Jordan, passed away in June and is buried next to him.  The headstone should be in place when I visit again in August.  At that time, I’ll also travel to Blackwell, OK, where my father’s parents and aunt are buried.

My grandfather’s father and mother, Joseph Wilson and Grace.

My grandfather’s grandfather and grandmother.  I have his wedding ring.

My grandfather’s great grandfather and grandmother.  Five generations of Barkers are buried in Tonkawa.

My maternal grandmother and step-grandfather.

Cumberland Cemetery, Media, PA

While visiting family in Media, took a trip to visit the mother and aunt of good friends of mine.

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