Texas Travel and Flight to NC

Unfortunately, my quick trip back to California ate up the time I was going to spend with my sister Kristin and her family.  The trip from Media, PA to New Waverly took two long days, so I only had one day in Texas and while I had a good visit, I didn’t get any pictures.

The ride there went smooth, other than picking up a screw in my back tire in Delhi, LA.  It took a few hours, but I was able to get the tire replaced.  The pictures below are from the final leg, sitting out a thunderstorm at 9:30 PM in Groveton, Texas.  As I left this one stoplight town I hit a two mile segment of road construction where the “road” consisted of deep mud and gravel.  Ducati’s are not made for off-road riding.  I ended up “Duc” walking the two miles.

After a day with the Skillerns, I had to head to Richmond, TX to meet up with Rich Faust for a flight to North Carolina.  We’ll spend a few days there and then head to Oshkosh.  The best part of traveling by light aircraft:  no TSA.

After an uneventful fuel stop in Natchez, MS, we had to overnight in Anniston, AL due to weather.  We were prepped early the next morning and spent some quiet minutes waiting for the sun to come up so we could take off.  Early dawn is my favorite time of day.  I’m not sure Rich feels the same way.

Punching through the clouds at 180 knots.  The weird effect with the propeller is due to the digital camera’s rolling shutter.

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