Home Again

Well, we’re in the new house, mostly.

It’s been a long couple of days.  We did the walk-through of the new house on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, we got our signals crossed with the owners.  We thought he was going to paint the upstairs bedrooms; he thought we were.  No big deal.  We dropped by home depot for some paint, I unpacked my power roller, and by 2:00 I was starting on the primer coat.

That’s when things started to go downhill.  As I turned the corner and started on the second wall, it seemed to take forever for the pump to fill the roller up again.  After a few minutes of running it almost non-stop, I finished the second wall and went to move the pump.  That’s when I discovered that the pump seals had failed and pumped almost a half-gallon of primer onto the carpet.

Loooooooonnnnngg story short, two hours and $200 for a steam cleaner later, I was back to painting, this time with a traditional roller.  Linda helped with the baseboards and by midnight we had Heather’s room primed (including the ceiling) and Adam’s complete and ready for move in.

Of course, this meant that we didn’t get to do the last minute packing we had planed for Wednesday.  Movers showed up Thursday morning and ten hours later most of our stuff was at the new house.  We were doing pretty good with getting things into the right place, but the last load they just started dumping things into the garages.  We unpacked and organized late into the night.

Today was more unpacking and a couple of loads of odds and ends from the old house.  The Internet and core computers are up, and phone and cable service connected.

Tomorrow is the last of the stuff from the other house and the cleaning.  Good thing it’s a long weekend.

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