Crazy Train

Where did the last month go?

Let’s see, highlights since my last post include:

  • Mary and Dick visited for two weeks in June (pictures posted)
  • Heather graduated from High School on 6/13 (pictures posted)
  • Adam turned seventeen 6/16 (pictures posted)
  • Adam and I took a vacation to visit Tandy and Barbara at Lake Almanor over the July 4 break (I’m working on the pictures)
  • Kristin and family moved to Houston, TX and started building a new house (she’s confirmed, BTW, that her baby due ‘round Xmas is a girl – congratulations, Kristin and Ken!)
  • Heather had her UCI overnight orientation
  • Linda had the shockwave treatment done to her foot
  • We traveled to Fenwick Island, DE for Pointer-Fest ’08

A crazy time, but lots of fun.  Especially the trips to visit family.  Barbara and Tandy were excellent hosts and we ran out of days far sooner than we would have run out of things to do.  Highlights for me were the Main Street Independence Day parade (Barbara and Tandy seemed to know everyone worth knowing in the county) and watching the fireworks from the boat with Adam.  I’m only about half way through editing the pictures but hope to have them posted soon.

We got back from Fenwick Island late Saturday.  There were three full generations of Pointers under one roof for the first time in years.  It was a lot of fun to see the extended family, some of which Heather, Adam, and I have not seen in two years.   My nieces and nephew had grown dramatically in that time.  The trip went smooth, the house was great, and everything seemed to come together.  Not sure everyone would be up for doing it again next year, but perhaps the year after.  Vickie took family pictures, so hopefully those will turn out.

Looking forward, Adam starts his senior year of high school in less than three weeks.  Heather has a little longer, going back in late September.

Summer will be over in a blink.

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