Where’s Michael 2017?

2017 is a year to visit family and friends, traveling across the country on a 1999 Ducati ST4 motorcycle.  I’ll occasionally post blog entries and pictures to this site.

Photo Credit:  T.K. Bozeman

2017 Schedule

May 3 - May 12Lake Almanor, CA
May 16 - May 19Moore, OK
May 22 - May 29Bonita Springs, FL
May 31 - Jun 12Cary/Garner, NC
Jun 13 - Jun 27Media, PA
Jun 28 - Jul 6Fenwick Island, DE
Jul 8 - Jul 10Channel Island Harbor, CA+
Jul 14 - Jul 15New Waverly, TX
Jul 17 - Jul 21Cary/Garner, NC*
Jul 23 - Jul 27Oshkosh, WI*
Jul 30 - Jul 31Covey Trails, TX*
Aug 2 - Aug 8Moore, OK
Aug 11 - Aug 13Channel Island Harbor, CA
Aug 15 - Aug 17Lake Almanor, CA
Aug 19 - Aug 21Cascade Locks, OR
Aug 22 - Aug 23Modesto, CA
Aug 27 - Sep 6Moore, OK
Sep 7 - Oct 15Channel Islands Harbor, CA
Oct 16 - Nov 13Moore, OK
Nov 14 - 15Channel Islands Harbor, CA
Nov 16 - Nov 26Pillars of the Classic Maya, Mexico and Guatemala #
Nov 27 - 28Covey Trails, TX
Nov 29 - Jan 2Moore, OK

+ Quick weekend trip back by airline to help transport a cockatiel and check in on the boat. Then back to pick up the bike in Philadelphia and head for Texas.

* Travel by Bonanza A36TC to attend EAA Airventure Oshkosh with the Faust brothers.  For tracking during the flights, see Rich Faust’s FlightAware page.

# A nine day tour with Tandy of the major capitals of the ancient Maya civilization, led by the Maya Exploration Center.  I’m still working on the assigned pre-reading.

While on the bike, I’ll be carrying a SPOT GPS tracking device which will update the tracking page below every 10 minutes or so.  If the tracker doesn’t move, don’t panic–it doesn’t mean I’m broken down.  I’m in a tunnel, the batteries are dead, the Russians hacked the satellite, or I probably just forgot to press the “track” button after the last pit stop.

The page only stores the last seven days of tracks and only shows the last 50 points at once.  You have to page back to see earlier track points.  You can also load the tracking page in its own window.

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