Oklahoma — All you Scattered, Come to Rest Here*

My trip to Oklahoma last May was rushed, and difficult because my mother had just passed away.

This time, I was looking forward to a more relaxed, low-key visit.   Still, the week flew by. Here are some highlights:

Bobby and Chris in deep discussion.

Chris and Kate gave me a walking tour of Oklahoma University, including the post office where Chris works.


Spent one evening with Kendra and Chris at the Oklahoma City Brickyard and Riverwalk.  Not having been in downtown Oklahoma in a few decades, I was amazed at how built up it has become.  Good crowds, street performers, and lots of entertainment and restaurants.


Highlight of the evening was eating at Fuzzy’s.  Unfortunately, the closest Fuzzy’s to me is in Las Vegas.


Bunny outside PF Chang’s.

Automobile prototypes in progress.

* There’s some support for the name Oklahoma deriving from the Dhegihan Sioux language, translating roughly to “All you Scattered, Come to Rest Here.”  I thought that was fitting after riding over 10,000 miles this summer.

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